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The Winterworn Keep (Caves of Utter Chaos, Part 4)

The Caves of Utter Chaos dungeon crawl adventure started out as a fun riff on Gary Gygax’s Keep on the Borderlands; something that would fit neatly into a three-hour event slot at Gary Con…

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Website & Store Update

May 12, 2017 We are currently updating our store and sprucing up bits of our website. Our store is completely offline for this reason. You will also note some of…

Shuffling Horrors!

Roswell 51: Out Of This World!

Backer Update #35: It’s Out Of This World! Big news, Roswellians! The production prototype arrived and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I was blown away by how all the components look:…

Shuffling Horror Week: Day 6 at 1 Up Collectibles

October 31st, 2014

–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 6, Thursday–

The Shuffler and his zombies arrived for their first game in Pennsylvania (zombie home turf). The game was played at 1 Up Collectibles in West Reading, PA. Four players showed up to put some hurt on the zombies, who were now behind by one point. The zombies needed this victory to give them a chance of winning the series.

The Shuffler managed to eliminate one player at the mid-point of Reel 2. A second player was eliminated at the end of that same reel, which triggered the Turning Point (the number of zombie players was equal to the number of survivor players). Turning Point came too late to benefit the survivors – there were no cards left in the reel. The two remaining players still had two full reels to go!

The third player fell in Reel 3, leaving the last player with two Survivors in play. The third reel was also played out to its completion point. The zombies had one reel to finish off these stragglers.

Luckily in Reel 4, one of the two survivors was eliminated, leaving the Sheriff as the Last One Standing. He did his best, but just wasn’t quick enough…

Back Into A Dead Heat!


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Shuffling Horror Week: Day 5 at Time Warp

October 30th, 2014

–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 5, Wednesday–

The seventh game in our Shuffling Horror Week series was played at Time Warp Comics and Games (Cedar Grove, NJ). This was the second time we played here this week (so, yes, we did the Time Warp again). Unlike the game from the prior night, this game was versus a quartet of survivor players (the toughest scenario to beat in Pittsburgh 68). This filled the Shuffler with a little trepidation. Each player was dealt their three survivor characters and the zombie horror began to unfold.

Reel 1. A cornucopia of weapons was revealed, and the survivors used these to keep the Shuffler and his zombies at bay. A “Surge” bonus was triggered though, and the zombie ranks swelled. These, too, were trimmed back effortlessly. The survivors suffered a single casualty.  Eleven survivors to go!

Reel 2. Like Sheriff Rick Grimes and his crew at the prison fence, the survivors continued to systematically whittle away the zombies as they arose. They stayed focused on this task and actually cleared every single zombie in sight – INCLUDING THOSE IN THE DEALT HAND. The Dealt Hand held two items and the Scream Queen power play card. It was about halfway through the reel and things looked dismal for the Shuffler. There was nothing to do but evoke a special rule: Clear The Slate.

A variant of Clipping the Reel, Clear the Slate allows the Zombie Master to clear the three cards in the dealt hand and replace with three new ones from the reel pile. This is costly to the reel, as you have just reduced it three cards. Luckily for the Shuffler, the three replacement cards were all zombies, and triggered a Three Card Zombie bonus. The Shuffler took one for his hand, and then triggered six more 3CZ! And then the Surge card appeared (which gave him 5 bonus zombies from the discard pile).

Things were looking rather grand for the Shuffler. For all their proficient zombie elimination, the Survivors now faced four full throngs!


Reel 3 and Reel 4: The Shuffler had the players on the run and even destroyed both sanctuaries. His undead joy was short lived, though. The Survivors pulled it together and got to work. In fact, they went into overtime and made it their mission that there wasn’t one stinking zombie left at the end of the fourth reel. The game ended in humiliation for the Shuffler…

Where’d all those zombies go?!?


Total Zombie Annihilation!


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Shuffling Horror Week: Day 4 at All In One Collectibles

October 29th, 2014

–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 4, Tuesday–

After the Kid Sister’s skin-of-her teeth victory in the last game, the Shuffler and his zombies hunkered down at All In One Collectibles (Randolph NJ) for the sixth game in the series. Due to some player cancellations, the game was played in an unusual fashion: versus one player who was dealt three independent Survivor hands.

Pittsburgh 68 is suggested for three to thirteen players. We shy away from recommending the game for two players as it takes away that whole “us versus them” atmosphere. The game becomes a single person’s strategy to survive and you don’t feel the dramatic impact of losing fellow players one-by-one. The strategy and banter between players also disappears. And the game is just a lot more fun when the Zombie Master has a group of victims to choose from!

For a two player session, the Zombie Master deals the single player three separate hands of characters; the player plays each independently (acting as if three different players). Each of these three players starts with their standard seven general spoints. The player declares which hand goes first, second, third, and then keeps to the clockwise order of the game. With three players slots, the first end game mechanic, The Turning Point, is triggered when one of these player hands is eliminated by the Zombie Master (as the number of zombie players (2) is now equal to the number of remaining survivor players (2)). The Zombie Master assumes control of this hand at its normal sequence. Just as the player managed multiple survivor hands from the start, the Zombie Master does the same.

Enough about playing one-on-one (we’ll probably cover this topic a lot more in a future post).

Back to the Shuffling Horror Week results…

The game went the full four Reels and the survivors almost made it to the end. The Bartender was the Last One Standing but wasn’t quick enough to withstand the final wave of zombie attacks…

Back to a Dead Heat!


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Shuffling Horror Week: Day 3 at Time Warp Comics & Games

October 29th, 2014

–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 3, Monday–

With back-to-back wins for the Midnite Shuffler and his zombies,  the fifth game in our Shuffling Horror Week series got underway at Time Warp Comics and Games (Cedar Grove, NJ). The Shuffler sat down against three players, who were all new to the game. Each was dealt three survivors and the horror got underway. It was a game that would be remembered for a very long time…

Zombies flooded the field in Reel 1 and had the survivors on the run for their lives. The zombie dice were hot, the survivor dice not: all players lost one survivor in the first reel. A sanctuary was revealed, The Car, and, seeing the way the game was heavily in the zombies’ favor, the Shuffler let the players decide if they wanted to play the alt rule, Backseat Zombie. He warned them that it might lead to a future zombie attack to whoever went into the Car first. The players thought that sounded like fun (the Shuffler’s undead heart joyfully missed a beat). One random card was thrown in the backseat for later enjoyment.

And then things got worse… Reel 2 was an unbelievable wave of Three Card Zombies and the Shuffler’s hand quickly grew to three full throngs and the start of a fourth! At the end of Reel 2 the first survivor player was eliminated and the Turning Point endgame mechanic was triggered.

And then things got EVEN worse… What happened in Reel 3 was unbelievable. It was another reel loaded with Three Card Zombie bonuses from the start. Before the reel actually began, this is what happened:


The 12 o’clock position is the Zombie Master. The 6 o’clock position was the second Zombie Player.

Team Zombie could not benefit from another Three Card Zombie bonus: both Zombie players reached their three throng max. They could take and replace, but just look at that mess above: the survivors were surrounded by zombies and the Dealt Hand was loaded, too. The survivors did not stand a chance. It wasn’t long before the third player joined Team Zombie and the final player was whittled down to a lone survivor.

The Last One Standing was the Kid Sister, who immediately dove into The Car. A zombified Nurse was hiding in the backseat; luckily, the Nurse failed her attack! The Kid Sister hunkered down in the Car, praying it would hold. The zombie horde assembled for the final wave of attacks: nine attacks (includes Nurse in car), seven of which were from three fully loaded throngs.

The attacks began from the Zombie Player at the 6 o’clock position above. The Car was destroyed quickly, sending the Kid Sister into the woods and running for her life. This did free her from the Nurse attack. The second Zombie Player did a Take and Attack off the wall, the zombified Business Man. The Kid Sister flailed away.

The Shuffler was the last to attack. He had four attacks. The Kid Sister flailed away from the first two. The third throng fumbled (rolled a 12) which allowed a counter attack by the Kid Sister! The Shuffler’s final attack, a lone King of the Zombies, took one final bite…

She rolls and…

The Kid Sister Survives!


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Shuffling Horror Week: Day 2 at Satellite Comics & Games

October 27th, 2014

–Shuffling Horror Week Update: Day 2, Sunday–

With two losses haunting them from the night before, the Midnite Shuffler and his zombies shuffled into Satellite Comics and Games in Chatham, NJ. They were hungry for a win and some brains.

Here’s the Shuffler’s report:

Game 1: The game was played to the fourth reel. All three players did their utmost to stay ahead of the zombie shuffle, but one by one, they fell prey to the zombie horde. Both end game mechanics were triggered: Turning Point and Last One Standing. The pressure was on the Nurse to make it to the end of the film. She wasn’t so lucky. The zombies had their first victory and it was delicious!

Game 2: This game was versus four players (the Zombie Master’s bane). The zombies though were still in their feeding frenzy and out of control. This game looked like it would be over by Reel 2, when The Turning Point was triggered. The two remaining players managed to make it to Reel 4, but not to the end of the film. Another zombie win!

Here’s the Day 2 score, folks!


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Shuffling Horror Week: Day 1 at All Things Fun!

October 26th, 2014

Shuffling Horror Week has begun! The Midnite Shuffler and his zombies shuffled into All Things Fun! in West Berlin, NJ. Two games were played to start the series. Both games were set against four players; in game terms this is the toughest scenario to beat for the Zombie Master. The Midnite Shuffler was going to have to play hard if his zombies were going to eat this evening…

Here’s the Shuffler’s report:

Game 1: My zombies had the Opening Night jitters and they quickly flooded the table in Reel 1. Starting with almost three full throngs, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, gobbling up Survivors as we strolled by. Boy was I fooled! My dice were cursed and much of the game had the survivors laughing at my futile efforts to rally the zombies (who really just stood around looking not-very-scary). Excellent and daring strategies by the Survivors, too. The zombies did somehow manage to take out two Survivors, but the game ended with ten happy survivors, well armed and well rested. In game terms this is what we call a Scooby Doo.

Game 2: Quite the opposite of Game 1! The zombies composed themselves and started to bring out the horror. One by one we picked off the players, until one player and one survivor remained: The Waitress (aka the Sigourney Weaver of Pittsburgh 68). Despite the fact that is the tables had turned an it was now four Zombie Players versus one Survivor Player, she finished the game as a lone survivor, bringing a second win for the Survivors in one night. Drats!

Here’s the score, folks!


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GameWick Games Shuffles the Horror

October 23rd, 2014

-A GameWick Games Press Release-

GameWick Games, an indie board game company based in New Jersey, celebrates this Halloween season with  Shuffling Horror Week, a week long series featuring their zombie card game, Pittsburgh 68: A Game of Shuffling Horror. From October 25th through Halloween, Larry Wickman, the game’s designer and the company’s Chief Gaming Officer, will be running the game at local game and comic shops.

(The schedule of store visits can be found here.)SQR-Store-P68-Red-Zombies

Released in the fall of 2012, Pittsburgh 68 has been steadily shuffling into game shops across the United States. Wickman jokes, “We’ve got zombies in stores from here to San Diego at this point!” He is currently at work on the next product in the Shuffling Horror line: Roswell 51, a mash-up of 1950’s alien invasion flicks.

But how and why did an NJ guy with a penchant for game design pick Pittsburgh as his game’s namesake?

“The title pays homage to the time and place when slow moving zombies ruled,” explains Wickman. He notes that zombie lovers get the title reference immediately, though others need to be let in on its origin: George A. Romero filmed his cult movie Night of the Living Dead in Pittsburgh in 1968. For this reason, many recognize Pittsburgh as the Zombie Capitol of the World.

PR-PIC-Blickenstaff-BMFBPThe game’s eerie artwork by Steve Blickenstaff captures the look and feel of the zombie flicks and horror comics of the late 60s. Blickenstaff is a regular featured guest artist at NJ’s Chiller Theatre Expo, where the artist and game designer met. Blickenstaff’s artwork has been seen on The Cramps Bad Music for Bad People album cover and on horror film The Deadly Spawn: Millennium Edition’s dvd cover. He has also designed artwork for the band They Might Be Giants.

The game’s title was not the only aspect of the game inspired by the silver screen: Wickman designed the game to play like a movie, too. The game is played in four reels. At the start of the game, one player is designated as the director and responsible for dealing the cards and controlling the flow of the reels. All other players begin as survivors, striving to make it to through to the end of the film. As the cards are dealt, players are confronted with horrific events, tough strategic choices, and, of course, lots and lots of zombie attacks.

Film Frame-P68-ContentsThe game packs one more twist: when the players are eliminated, they are not out of the game. In true living dead style, they begin playing as zombies and join the director’s efforts against the remaining players. Wickman says that “this an aspect of the game that zombie fans love. The game intentionally does not define a win condition. Players who make it to the end get bragging rights. They were the lucky ones!” He also warns that, true to form with the cult classic that inspired Pittsburgh 68, sometimes no one makes it out alive.

Shuffling Horror Awaits!

For more information on Pittsburgh 68,  visit GameWick Game’s website ( and download the free Pittsburgh 68 Starter Script which summarizes the unusual and fun rules of play. (The rules can be found here under the Free Bonus Material secion.)

Press release by GameWick Games, LLC © 2014


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Shuffling Horror Week: Locations Announced

October 20th, 2014

Is the world ready for seven straight nights of zombified fun and games?!? It better be, because the GameWick Gang is taking our creepy little zombie card game, Pittsburgh 68, on the road for Shuffling Horror Week! Our tour begins the Saturday before Halloween (Oct 25) and concludes on Halloween. The excitement of the week culminates with games run in the place where American zombie horror began: Pittsburgh, PA!

During this week, our slow moving zombies will shuffle to a different game store each night. All are invited to come by and join in a game session (or even just watch, gasp, and learn).  At certain locations we will run short demo sessions as time allows.

Pittsburgh 68 typically takes an hour and a half to play. It is a zombie horror game, so parental guidance is suggested (in movie terms, the game would probably be rated PG-13). The game and its rules are geared toward mature gamers (who love zombies).

Come on out and have some zombified fun with us!

Saturday-Oct 25: All Things Fun, West Berlin, NJ
This is part of their 24 hour charity event (donation/info here).
Two game sessions scheduled: 8pm and 10pm

Sunday-Oct 26: Satellite Comics & Games, Chatham NJ
Game sessions from 1pm – 4pm

Monday-Oct 27: Time Warp Comics & Games, Cedar Grove, NJ
Game session from 7pm – 9pm

Tuesday-Oct 28: All In One Collectibles, Randolph, NJ
Game session from 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday-Oct 29: Time Warp Comics & Games, Cedar Grove, NJ
Game session from 7pm – 9pm

Thursday-Oct 30: 1 Up Collectibles, West Reading PA
Game session from 5pm – 8pm

And two Pittsburgh locations on Halloween-Oct 31!

5pm – 7pm: Games Unlimited, Pittsburgh PA

8pm – 11pm: Game Masters, Pittsburgh PA

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the GameWick blog and our GameWick Games Facebook for up-to-the-minute news!

Slow Moving Zombies Rule!


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