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The Caves of Utter Chaos-GaryCon IX

Fun and adventure await the brave heroes who dare to enter the Caves of Utter Chaos at Gary Con IX! A twisted take on Gary Gygax’s classic dungeon module, The Keep…

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Feb 3 – Dice Hog Day 2017

Here at GameWick HQ, February 3 is Dice Hog Day (the day after those other famous hogs makes their prediction). Early this morning (well not too early because the Dice…

Shuffling Horrors!

Beware the Ides of Horror!

Greetings Shufflers! More exciting Roswell 51 news for you: we have placed the order for the dice that will be included in the game. In other words, “Alea iacta est!”. The…

The Caves of Utter Chaos-GaryCon IX

March 21st, 2017

Fun and adventure await the brave heroes who dare to enter the Caves of Utter Chaos at Gary Con IX! A twisted take on Gary Gygax’s classic dungeon module, The Keep on the Borderlands, this event is also an introduction to the WEGS Old Skool Fantasy system. Inspired by the 1970s Basic Dungeons & Dragons rule set, WEGS keeps character creation a breeze and the heroic action epic. No experience is needed to join this dungeon party! Event info links below.


The Caves of Utter Chaos (WEGS BOSS)
When: Thurs @2pm; Fri @10am; Sat @10am and 2pm
You’ve heard of the Caves of Chaos, perhaps? Well, these are the caves below those caves that nobody dares to enter. Get ready for insane dungeoncrawling fun with the BOSS (Basic Old Skool System). Full-blown heroes will be created in minutes and then stuck in a dungeon brimming with terrible foes, nasty traps, and treasure galore. Fueled by 2d6 and 2d10, BOSS is a stripped down version of WEGS (the Wickedly Errant Game System). Fun rules! Wild dice rolls! Wicked adventure! All rules taught. Join us for one or more sessions if you like!

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==> Gary Con IX Tabletop Events <==


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GMs March 4th!

March 4th, 2017

What are you doing for March 4th and GameMaster Day!?! We’re spending the day working on a new WEGS Old Skool mini-module called “The Tomb of Utter Horrors“, a deathtrap dungeon that pays homage to the grand-daddy of all deathtrap dungeons, Gary Gygax’s “Tomb of Horrors” (published by TSR in 1979).

Our deadly dungeon will be unveiled for the first time at the end of this month at the Gary Con Gaming Convention (March 23-26), a convention celebrating the work and influence of Gary Gygax. Gary Con is a truly awesome convention run by the Gygax family and located in Lake Geneva, WI (the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons, TSR and Gen Con)! The weekend honors “a life well played”.

Our Gary Con event is titled “How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Demi-Lich?” The answer to that question lies in the hands of the brave adventurers who dare to trespass into the Lich’s domain.

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Gary Con IX: Old Skool Menu (2017)

December 21st, 2016

Woo Hoo! We’ve got our games submitted and approved for Gary Con IX (March 23 – 26, 2017). Below is a sneak peek at our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy and Shuffling Horror events. Gary Con is a yearly convention held in honor of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons. This will be our fourth trek to wondrous Lake Geneva, WI (the place where Gygax lived, the first Gen Con was held, and TSR (the publisher of D&D) was based). Yeah… we’re always super excited about Gary Con!

NO ROLL HERO SHEETThe WEGS Old Skool Fantasy setting is designed for over-the-top dungeon crawl fun. Inspired by the earliest editions of Basic Dungeons & Dragons, character creation is a breeze and the heroic action is epic. All sessions are intros to WEGS, our Wickedly Errant Game System.

Here’s the menu:

The Caves of Utter Chaos (WEGS BOSS)
GM: Larry Wickman
When: Thurs @2pm; Fri @10am; Sat @10am and 2pm
Duration: 4 hours
You’ve heard of the Caves of Chaos, perhaps? Well, these are the caves below those caves that nobody dares to enter. Get ready for insane dungeoncrawling fun with the BOSS (Basic Old Skool System). Full-blown heroes will be created in minutes and then stuck in a dungeon brimming with terrible foes, nasty traps, and treasure galore. Fueled by 2d6 and 2d10, BOSS is a stripped down version of WEGS (the Wickedly Errant Game System). Fun rules! Wild dice rolls! Wicked adventure! All rules taught. No XP needed. Join us for one or more sessions if you like!

Rifting The Jarl (WEGS Old Skool Fantasy)Blog-GaryCon16-G123
GM: Tim W
When: Fri @8pm
Duration: 4 hours
Get ready to slip and slide your way through Gary Gygax’s classic module, Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (G2)! Here’s the twist: we are using the WEGS Old Skool Fantasy system. Fantastic heroes will be created in minutes and ready to go on a giant slaying expedition. Don’t worry about the system; just worry about the frost giants and staying alive. Rules taught – all you need is a sense of adventure to get started. Bring your lucky 2d6 and 2d10 (%), the only dice you’ll need for WEGS. Let’s dungeon party like it’s 1978!

The Shuffling Horror Events (1.5 hour)
Roswell 51 – Thurs @10am and @8pm.  Sunday @ Noon.
Pittsburgh 68 – Thurs @10pm
Get ready for the retro cinematic chills and thrills of our Shuffling Horror system! We are running three Shuffling Horror games on Thursday. For those who like 1950s space invasion horror, two session of Roswell 51 are planned (10am and 8pm). For those who like Night of the Living Dead style zombie survival fun, Pittsburgh 68 kicks off at 10pm.

We might try to add a couple more events, like our traditional Sat. Nite Special event and Sunday closer, “How Many Heroes Does It Take To Kill A Dragon“. Problem is the heroes killed our dragon last year… Stay tuned!blog-r51-footer-banner

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Gen Con 2016-GameWick Games-Booth 1344

August 2nd, 2016

Come visit GameWick Games at Gen Con 2016 (Aug 4-7). Our booth is so easy to find (see map below) and totally worth the trip. We have some really cool games in stock – and not just our own. You will find games here that you just won’t find anywhere else at Gen Con – and we’ve even got a Dice Hog!

We are featuring great products from Facade Games, Bent Castle Workshops, Grandpa Becks Games, and Black Blade Publishing (product info below the map – keep scrolling!). Stock is extremely limited for these companies, so get to our booth early to secure your copies!


The Shuffling Horror Line

From aliens to zombies, our Shuffling Horror line has got you covered. Come demo Pittsburgh 68, our fast-paced zombie horror game with a cinematic twist (for 3-13 players). You can also get a sneak peek at our upcoming Shuffling Horror release, Roswell 51 – a retro, sci-fi, B-movie blast!

WEGS Old Skool Fantasy RPG + Black Blade Publishing

If you like sword-n-sorcery adventure, check out our rpg hit, WEGS Old Skool Fantasy – a system that delivers full-throttle dungeon adventure. WEGS revels in the early days of fantasy gaming, when characters were created in minutes and, moments later, raring to explore dark dungeons and meet terrible foes! We will also have the full line of Black Blade Publishing modules available – these are tremendous fun and full of that old school dungeon spirit!

Even More Great Games!

Facade Games‘ wickedly strategic card game hit, Salem. A card game of deduction where you accuse/defend your fellow townsfolk as you frantically try to discover just who the witches are.

The full line of Bent Castle Workshops cards and games. Gorgeous fantasy/adventure themed card decks!

Grandpa Beck’s Games – card game fun for the whole family!

Join the GameWick Games Facebook to see

 exciting pics of our Gen Con exploits!

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GameWick’s Origins Events (2016)

June 13th, 2016

Come out and play with GameWick Games at Origins Game Fair this week (June 16-19). We’ve got a whole bunch of fun planned for our friends and fans. Two flavors of Shuffling Horror await: join us for some creepy cult classic Pittsburgh 68 zombie horror or preview our next release,  Roswell 51, a 1950s sci-fi alien invasion chiller. And, of course, we’ve got a couple of WEGS Old Skool Fantasy RPG events for all those who love full-throttle, over-the-top, sword-n-sorcery adventure!

All Shuffling Horror events are two hours (or less).

THURSDAY – June 16Blog-R51-Sneak-Peek-2
10am  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51
12pm  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51
7pm  Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68
9pm  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51

FRIDAY -  June 17
10am  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51
12pm  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51
2pm  Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68
8pm  WEGS Rifting The Jarl (3.5 hours)

Saturday - June 18
11am  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51
1pm  Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68
3pm  Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51

The Sat Nite Special: Dunge O Doom!
8pm  WEGS Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom (3.5 hours)

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Pax East 2016 Postcard

May 1st, 2016

PAX East is always non-stop fun and this year was no different! The Shuffling Horror Pittsburgh 68 table was rocking from opening to closing each day. Thanks to all those who played and purchased a copy. It was great making new friends and fans.

There was a lot of excitement for our soon-to-be-released Shuffle Board, the deluxe board that elevates Shuffling Horror’s cinematic vibe. I also revealed some new playing aids (like the Turning Point and Last One Standing cards). I’ll be blogging about these and other new rules that will be included in our summer release, Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51.

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Feel free to share this postcard with your friends
and let them know you played P68 at PAX with GameWick Games!


Pittsburgh 68 is a cinematic card-n-dice game that plays like a creepy, classic zombie movie. With each and every turn of a card, the dealt hand reveals horrible events, and players do their best to stay one step ahead of the zombie shuffle. As a group, players try to survive all four reels of the movie… but that will not be easy! To make matters worse, when players are eliminated, they are not out of the action: they shuffle back into the game as zombies in classic Living Dead style!

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Hirelings & Henchmen: Gary Con VIII (2016)

February 23rd, 2016

CON-Gary Con 2014-Lake Geneva, WIGary Con VIII is just around the corner! If you are attending and looking for some dungeon fun to fit into your schedule, have I got a deal for you… Most of my WEGS Old Skool games are full, but I can still fit a couple of Hirelings and Henchmen into each session. H&H are entry level heroes there to assist the party (i.e. you run into the room first and suffer the consequences). All you need to do is hack and slash in style. Does this sounds like your kind of fun?

“But… I don’t know this WEGS system at all!”

No worries! Here’s how easy it is to be a sell-sword and hired bowstring in WEGS:

You start with a heroic-looking mini and five poker chips. This makes you a Level 5 Hero. Everything about you is “5″ or “55″. You have 55 Hit Points. You have 55% Armour Class. You have a 55% chance to hit something with your sword or arrow. When you hit, you do 5 x d6 damage. You move 5 Squares per action.

NO-ROLL-ARK-KARDAnd you won’t even need a character sheet (but if you survive the adventure, I’ll give you one as a graduation present).

“That’s pretty darn easy, so far.”

You will also get three skill cards and you can use only 1 every attack:

+20% to hit (used to increase your chance to hit to 75%)

+ 4 Strength (used to increase your damage to 9 x d6)

-20% AC (used to decrease foe’s AC roll)

You strategically choose the best attack form for each strike.

As noted, I can fit a couple of folks into each game in this capacity. There is also *some* wiggle room to fit you in as a spellslinger, too (if you arrive early). If this sounds like your kind of fun, come find the WEGS games (just look for the table with a shiny holy grail filled with poker chips). Our full list of events and room locations can be found on the Gary Con site (here) or on our blog link below.

>> Our Old Skool Menu at Gary Con <<


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Goin’ Old Skool: Gary Con VIII (2016)

February 20th, 2016

NO ROLL HERO SHEETGary Con VIII is just a dice throw away (March 3-6, 2016)! We’re more than ready to unfurl the old battlemat, set out the minis, and roll those wacky-shaped dice!

Here’s our at-a-glance WEGS Old Skool Fantasy event menu. All sessions are introductions to WEGS, our Wickedly Errant Game System. It is a system inspired by the earliest days of Dungeons & Dragons. Rules will be taught, so don’t be afraid to jump into the fray with us.

Table numbers listed below for quick reference (but go by what is listed on the official Gary Con website). Site will also show if tix are available.

THURSDAY – March 3 – Classic Caves of Chaos
2pm  B2: Keep on the Borderlands (WOSF); 3.5 hours. Table: EG3-207
8pm  B2: Keep on the Borderlands (WOSF); 3.5 hours. Table: EG1-207

Blog-GaryCon16-G123FRIDAY – March 4 – Against the Giants!
10am  G1: Storming The Steading (WOSF); 3.5 hours. Table: EG3-211
2pm  G2: Rifting The Jarl; 3.5 hours. Table: EG3-211
8pm  G3: Playing With Hellfire; 3.5 hours. Table: EG1-204

Saturday – March 5 – Dungeons
10am  Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom; 3.5 hours. Table: EG1-205
2pm  Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom; 3.5 hours. Table: EG1-203

The Sat Nite Special: Sci Fi Double Feature
8pm Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68; 2 hours. Table: LIN-105
10pm Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51; 2 hours. Table: LIN-105

Sunday – March 6 – Dragons
12pm  How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A Dragon? (III)
2 hours. Table: EG3-213

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