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The Caves of Utter Chaos-GaryCon IX

Fun and adventure await the brave heroes who dare to enter the Caves of Utter Chaos at Gary Con IX! A twisted take on Gary Gygax’s classic dungeon module, The Keep…

GameWick News

Feb 3 – Dice Hog Day 2017

Here at GameWick HQ, February 3 is Dice Hog Day (the day after those other famous hogs makes their prediction). Early this morning (well not too early because the Dice…

Shuffling Horrors!

Beware the Ides of Horror!

Greetings Shufflers! More exciting Roswell 51 news for you: we have placed the order for the dice that will be included in the game. In other words, “Alea iacta est!”. The…

2017 Rolls In!

January 1st, 2017

New Year! New Games!


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GameWick’s Summer 2016 Newsletter

July 2nd, 2016

The latest and greatest GameWick Games newsletter ever released is out!

Here’s the old short link: >>    <<

Read it and roll, folks!


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To Our Friends & Fans

January 1st, 2016


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Dice Hole O’ Doom

July 8th, 2015

Dingbitt’s Dunge O Doom at DexCon 2015

It was the end of the fourth encounter and I was *CRUSHING* the party.

The TPK was right around the corner. My next roll was going to take out the party’s Sage and all his precious little spells would go bye-bye. For fun and flare, I let out a squeal of joy and rolled my dice into a little dungeon well dead center of the terrain…

0-00! Wicked Failure!

Their mockery fell upon me like a ton of dragon dung riddled with caltrops. It hurt.

(c) GameWick Games LLC


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The Kreator Kit

April 29th, 2015

For any of WEGS Old Skool fans who have played with us at conventions, you’ve probably witnessed the wonders of the Kreator Kit. It’s like a super magical stockade of never-ending power for the guy running the game. Whenever its lid is cracked open, you know that minions can quickly pour forth from its rainbow-blasted innards.

Good thing the lid is transparent, so you can watch the mad genius at work…


Sales Pitch Ahead!

We have a limited number of Kreator Kits on reserve for serious WEGS Old Skool fans. The Kreator Kit ain’t cheap ($59 + shipping). We only ship within the US and, due to the weight of the kit, shipping prices will vary. If interested, please contact us via our online form or directly to the email address that is listed on the top right corner of the page (scroll back up, baby!). We’ll send you back info on what exactly is in the kit (pretty much what you see above, but we will give you the actual chip/color count and other top secret details).

Serious Inquiries Only From Those

Who Understand Its Unstoppable Power!

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The GameWick Gallery is live!

January 31st, 2015

Greeting GameWick-ers!

We’ve added a new feature to our website – The GameWick Gallery! Here you can check out some photos of what we’ve been up to and the places we’ve been. You might spot some familiar faces or even recognize a convention game that you played in with us.

We’ve only got a few pics in each gallery, but will be adding more and more as we roll along into 2015!

In the meantime, enjoy!

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