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Just dropping this here, Old Skoolers… We owe you some details of all the fun we had at Gary Con Gaming Convention last month, and share some secrets on all of the new stuff…

GameWick News

Feb 3 – Dice Hog Day 2017

Here at GameWick HQ, February 3 is Dice Hog Day (the day after those other famous hogs makes their prediction). Early this morning (well not too early because the Dice…

Shuffling Horrors!

Roswell 51: Production Update (April)

Backer Update #33: Production Update – April We are on target for production this month; hopefully next week. Once that is underway, I will send out the survey to collect…

Shuffling Dead: Walking Dead S7 E2 Review

November 2nd, 2016

It’s time for our Walking Dead Three Card Zombie Review!

In The Well (Episode 2), Carol awakens in a new place called the Kingdom, a happily-ever-after renaissance faire that is well-fed and zombie free! While its residents are all too willing to drink from the proverbial well and follow-the-leader (King Ezekial), Carol knows that this fantasyland just won’t last. She wants to arm herself and quickly get the heck out of there.

Deryk, Bev, and Ocho, our undead review trio, sum it all up with these three Pittsburgh 68 cards:

The Housewife (Carol), If We Only Had A…, and The Knife.



Cast & Blast-Halloween Edition

October 31st, 2016

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600A Halloween treat for the fans – new spells! One with a bunch of tentacles. One with a ghostly guardian. One that’s just bloody disgusting (a real gutbuster).

Tentacleeze (Magic/Sea)

Four tentacles sprout from the mage’s sides forming a wall of flailing fury between the mage and their foe. Each tentacle is treated as a Level 2/22 minion that may attack at the spante. The mage also benefits with +20% Invulnerability due to tentacle coverage (5% per). Engaged foes may directly attack the tentacles. Destroyed tentacles don’t grow back. A mage can command each tentacle to either (a) attack and cause damage or (b) grasp (automatic hit on foe in SQR range). Each tentacle grasping a foe earns a cumulative 20% chance to hold that foe in a Lost Action Phase. For example, four grasping tentacles has an 80% change to LAP that foe.
Target: Self
Type: Special Effect+Attack
Range: All touching squares.
Use: Normal
Upkeep: Normal

Wizard’s Wiffler (Magic)

The mage is protected by an invisible ghostly guardian called the wiffler. Each inning, the wiffler blocks an area of four connected squares (like a wall). The mage can declare this block upon being attacked, it is then set for the inning. The wall can be re-positioned each new inning. Those attacking will not know where the block begins/ends. No one can physically pass through or occupy the guarded area; those attempting to do so are stopped and struck for (d10 x Level) non-enchanted wounds. Foes are allowed a Stealth Rank Only invulnerability test versus this damage. The mage also gains a +20 INV bonus versus any ranged attack that passes through the wiffle zone. If the mage actively engages a similarly sized foe (moves into their space), the wiffler knocks that foe back 1 square in a random direction (the foe is allowed an SRO invulnerability test to resist the push). The mage may double the guard and summon two wifflers (who can then provide full perimeter coverage (all 8 squares surrounding the mage)). This doubles the knockback ability (two foes can be knocked or a single foe twice the mage’s size). The wall’s height is 4 SQR.
Target: Self
Type: Special Effect+Attack
Range: All touching squares.
Use: Normal
Upkeep: Normal

Twisted Innards (Magic/Nekromagic)

The mage targets one foe within range causing their guts to painfully churn, burn, and roil. The foe suffers a half-stat penalty for all actions, and strengths are based on these diminished numbers. At each spante, there is an Frozen Roll chance that the foe soils itself; if so, the foe suffers (d6 x d6)+SPS wounds. To make matters worse, if any damage total is greater than the victim’s full/normal base Wounds, the victim suffers a (d6 x d6) Near Death Experience. Failing the NDE roll results in one bloody awful explosion of innards upon those nearby.
Target: Other
Type: Attack
Range: 12 SQR.
Use: Normal
Upkeep: Normal

Shuffling Horror Weekend 2016

October 27th, 2016


Are you ready to shuffle the horror this Halloween weekend? If you are running a Pittsburgh 68 game, we want to know about it! Take some pics and send us the final results. Here’s what we need to know:

Director vs How Many Players: ?

How Many Reels Played: ?

Who Survived: ?

For those of you who might be rusty on the rules, there are some great pdfs under the Bonus Materials section on our Pittsburgh 68 page. Start with The Big Screen for a quick overview of the game board. Then, check out The Survivor Draw Pile for the new rules for distributing survivor cards.

Keep on shuffling, folks!


For those who are curious… We are just putting the final nails in the coffin for Roswell 51.
Production details coming soon!

Shuffling Dead: The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

October 27th, 2016

Deryk, Bev, and Ocho (our trio of Pittsburgh 68 shufflers) are trying something new for their Walking Dead episode reviews this season: they will sum up each episode with three cards from the Pittsburgh 68 playing deck.  Here’s their first “three card review” of that brutal Season 7 opener: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.

(They all think The Bat is going to be pretty prominent this season…)



Gen Con 2016-GameWick Games-Booth 1344

August 2nd, 2016

Come visit GameWick Games at Gen Con 2016 (Aug 4-7). Our booth is so easy to find (see map below) and totally worth the trip. We have some really cool games in stock – and not just our own. You will find games here that you just won’t find anywhere else at Gen Con – and we’ve even got a Dice Hog!

We are featuring great products from Facade Games, Bent Castle Workshops, Grandpa Becks Games, and Black Blade Publishing (product info below the map – keep scrolling!). Stock is extremely limited for these companies, so get to our booth early to secure your copies!


The Shuffling Horror Line

From aliens to zombies, our Shuffling Horror line has got you covered. Come demo Pittsburgh 68, our fast-paced zombie horror game with a cinematic twist (for 3-13 players). You can also get a sneak peek at our upcoming Shuffling Horror release, Roswell 51 – a retro, sci-fi, B-movie blast!

WEGS Old Skool Fantasy RPG + Black Blade Publishing

If you like sword-n-sorcery adventure, check out our rpg hit, WEGS Old Skool Fantasy – a system that delivers full-throttle dungeon adventure. WEGS revels in the early days of fantasy gaming, when characters were created in minutes and, moments later, raring to explore dark dungeons and meet terrible foes! We will also have the full line of Black Blade Publishing modules available – these are tremendous fun and full of that old school dungeon spirit!

Even More Great Games!

Facade Games‘ wickedly strategic card game hit, Salem. A card game of deduction where you accuse/defend your fellow townsfolk as you frantically try to discover just who the witches are.

The full line of Bent Castle Workshops cards and games. Gorgeous fantasy/adventure themed card decks!

Grandpa Beck’s Games – card game fun for the whole family!

Join the GameWick Games Facebook to see

 exciting pics of our Gen Con exploits!

Cast & Blast-Transmogrify

July 19th, 2016

Blog-Pic-CastBlast-600We’ve been playtesting the Nekromagiker for a few years now, just haven’t officially unleashed him. Until we do, any old mage can have fun with this one. The alternate use allows the mage to threaten that he’ll “turn you into a zombie if you don’t watch out!”. Sure, it’s only temporarily, but can cause all sorts of mischief.

Transmogrify (Magic/Nekromagic)

The mage takes on a grotesque and rotting pallor, resembling a zombie, ghoul, dungeon skum, or other shambling undead abomination. While so enchanted, the mage benefits from an aura of FEAR (4 ESQR range, Spell Level x 11% effectiveness). The appearance allows the mage unfettered passage among undead creatures whose minion level is less than or equal to spell level; minions of higher levels have an (11% per higher level) chance to detect the deceit. The rotting effect can be extended across multiple targets in the mage’s company (within a 4 ESQR range); each additional target increases the upkeep by one spoint. Alternate use allows the mage to transmogrify a single, humanoid-sized distant target up to 12 SQR away (includes FEAR effect); an unwilling target can halt the change via a Resist Magic test (each successful resistance temporarily stops the progression of the transmogrification; it does not dispel the spell).

Target: Self (+Group) or Other
Type: Special Effect
Range: Group-4 ESQR. Single Target-12 squares.
Use: Normal.
Upkeep: Normal. Group: +1 spoint per extended target.

All’s Well That Roswells: We Did It!

July 16th, 2016

Our biggest thanks to our 200+ friends and fans who backed our Shuffling Horror: Roswell 51 kickstarter – we could not have done this without your enthusiasm and support. Thanks, also, to all those who liked, shared, and spread the news about GameWick Games’ independent game publishing endeavors.

We’re a quirky little game company creating unique games that just don’t play like other games. It’s how we roll. Thank you for rolling along with us – your support means the world to us!

Thank you, Roswellians!!!


Release Date: Fall 2016

Stay tuned here for all your Roswell 51 updates!

Roswell 51-We’re Making A UFO (Donation)

July 13th, 2016

Greetings Roswellians!

Less than 3 days to go on our amazing Roswell 51 Kickstarter campaign – please keep spreading the word!

Now, some really cool news… Not only are we making a super fun game, but we will also be contributing to the making of an actual UFO – in Roswell! What?!? Yes… It’s all true!

When the game is released this fall, we will be donating twelve Roswell 51 games to the Roswell UFO Museum to help them raise funds for the replacement of their iconic UFO. Earlier this year, the UFO had blown off the building in a winter storm and was then stolen and destroyed. Not unlike the 1947 incident, the wreckage was found along the desert highway outside of Roswell.


I spoke to the Director of the museum and he was excited by this offer. The donated games will be available in the museum’s gift shop and the proceeds will go towards the new UFO sculpture for the building. The International UFO Museum and Research Center is a non-profit organization (501c3). More information on the museum can be found here. The full story of the UFO theft from the Albuquerque Journal is found here.

The museum sure looks like such a fun and nostalgic place to visit (and previously the town’s movie theatre, too). Each year they run the Roswell UFO Festival in July, to coordinate with the “Incident At Roswell” anniversary. Wish I lived closer!

Really glad we’re able to help out in this small way – thanks to our amazing backers!

Now, tell your friends to…

>> Join The Roswellians and Save the World! <<

before it’s too late!