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WEGS Old Skool Deluxe Bag


Tired of playing by the same old tabeltop fantasy rules? Then crack open a bag of WEGS Old Skool for full-throttle sword-n-sorcery gaming!

This retro zip bag is filled with everything you need to get your home games on the path to wicked adventure. Role play lite and tactics heavy, this introductory rulebook is jam-packed with player options, skills, spells, and an A-Z bestiary of some of the oddest fantastical creatures ever to raid the battle mat!

WEGS, the Wickedly Errant Game System, encourages players to take risks and, most of all, have fun. Dice drive the heroics here, not rulebooks. The system is driven by odds and gods: the odds of making the roll and the gods of chance. This is an action-packed, dice-rolling, sword-n-sorcery system that forces dice to their rightful place on the game table: the tumbling blocks of fate.

A system best shaken, not stirred.



This is the introductory set to get you started on your first WEGS Old Skool adventure.

Old Skool harkens back to the day when all you needed to go on an adventure were some funky shaped dice, a character sheet, and a wild imagination! Character creation is a breeze-it’s as simple as picking a class (Warrior, Ranger, Trickster, Mage or Sage) and a race (Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Gnobbit or Humnz). After a few quick dice rolls to determine their heroes’ starting stats, players are handed their “spoints” (poker chips) and the adventure begins!

The game comes in a classic zip bag with:

(1) Old Skool rulebook (101 pages, 6×9 softcover)
(1) Old Skool Skill Deck (54 cards)
(1) Starter Adventure: Ogres Bluff

You will need dice (2d6 and 2d10), poker chips, and minis to play!

Ark Kards / Character Sheets can be found online here.

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