Pittsburgh 68

Thrills and chills await in Pittsburgh 68, a frenzied card-n-dice game that plays like a creepy old zombie survival movie!  With each and every turn, a central dealt hand of cards reveals horrible events, and players do their best to stay one step ahead of the zombie shuffle.

As tensions mount, players will fall – but they don’t stop playing. They just shuffle back into the game as zombies in classic living dead style. As the players turn on each other, the action of the game is driven to its horrid end in a frenzied cinematic style. A cooperative game until it’s not, Pittsburgh 68 pays homage to a time when slow moving zombies ruled!

Playing time: 68 minutes or so.

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Pittsburgh 68 – A Game of Shuffling Horror

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In Pittsburgh 68, one player is the Zombie Master and the rest start as Survivors on the run for their lives! The game plays like a classic zombie flick and, via a deck of cards, the action of the game is pushed forward to its gruesome end.

Players try to survive four reels of the movie (each reel is a set number of cards) – but this will not be easy. They need to play smart and make the best decisions as the game unfolds. Every step of the way, the Zombie Master builds zombie throngs, attacks, and keeps them on the run. If a player is eliminated, they join the zombie side of the table – perhaps out for a little undead vengeance on those who let them perish!

As players fall and turn undead, the odds of surviving become quite grim and the movie escalates to its final scenes…

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Pittsburgh 68: Script for Beginning Play

An intro rulebook that explains the set-up and turn sequence for play.
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The Big Screen

A Layout for Pittsburgh 68 Play.
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The Survivor Draw Pile

A New Concept for Shuffling Horror play.
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