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What’s Up With Roswell 51?

>> Production scheduled for week of April 16, 2017! <<

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Roswell 51 was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2016; 200+ friends and fans helped us to bring the game to life! I originally anticipated an October 2016 release date, but encountered delays during the final layout phase. In November 2016, I submitted the final files to our production company and we had some issues with the first round of proofs (explained below in the Backer Updates). This caused further delays. The good news is that this delay time was used to enhance our box design and expand our rulebook (adding alternate rules and a rules mastery section for experienced players). I also unlocked one of the stretch goals that we did not reach: a wraparound rulebook cover that parodies the iconic 1947 Roswell Daily Record newspaper report that started the UFO craze and fueled the flood of 1950s sci-fi invasion flicks.

Also, as a way to say thank you to our backers who have been patiently awaiting the game, I added several bonus cards to the deck: a set of rule Cue cards, a Popcorn card, a Scream Queen card, and a really cool wild card called the Shuffler. A duplicate set of these cards are included for Pittsburgh 68 play.

Roswell 51 has become a deluxe Shuffling Horror masterpiece and I am so very excited for its release!

Stay tuned to this page for the date announcements.

Larry Wickman & GameWick Games


Kickstarter Backer Updates

The following are the updates posted for our Kickstarter backers.

Most Recent Update

April 14, 2017

Update #33: Production Update

We are on target for production this month; hopefully next week. Once that is underway, I will send out the survey to collect address/shipping info. This week, I ordered all my shipping materials (boxes, packing, lables). I am ready to roll!

Thank you to those who sent me questions on add-ons and the ability to purchase Pittsburgh 68 (for those who did not back at the Double Feature level). I am working on these logistics and info will be sent soon. I am planning to do this via the GameWick Games website store / PayPal.

Lastly, I am hoping to offer one special add-on: a “spooky” card case (shown in picture below). I have used these hard plastic cases for the past two years and found them to be quite versatile for play. The top/bottom of the case is not attached, and this allows (a) the bottom to be used as a place to hold tokens and (b) the top to serve as a draw pile platform (allows easy draw/shuffle). More details to follow!


March 31, 2017

Update #32: We Have Liftoff!

Our manufacturer has confirmed we are slated to go to production the week of April 16th!!! Some time during that week, a master prototype will be expedited to me for review and approval (prior to final packaging). If all is in order, there is a good possibility that I will receive the games prior to the end of April. The games will be in the mail soon after that. I am holding back on the final backer surveys and address collection for another week; the next update will contain details on that. Stay tuned, Roswellians!


Last week, I attended the Gary Con Gaming Convention in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It is a convention held in the memory of Gary Gygax (the creator of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game). Mr. Gygax’s contributions to gaming were tremendous and this convention (run by his family) celebrates “a life well played”. If you like D&D, I highly suggest you take a look this convention.

Some of you may be aware that my “other game system” is WEGS Old Skool Fantasy (a rollicking take on sword-n-sorcery role-play games). I run several WEGS games at the con and a few Shuffling Horror games, too. I have to say that the Roswell 51 and Pittsburgh 68 games were a huge hit. Each session delivered full-throttle thrills and chills. The sessions packed so many unexpected twists due to the way the cards fell and the dice rolled. Here’s some pics:


I had so much fun running these events (though players did accuse me of making up rules on the fly (I absolutely did not!)). The updates we did to Roswell 51 has honestly taken game play to another level (especially the Fade Out and Horror Star bonus tokens). These are true game changers.


The above pic… just wow… the entire third reel of the movie was full of zombie cards. It is rare to have some many zombie throngs along the top of our shuffle board. This was such an amazing game that I will be posting more details on this on my blog.


But… quite honestly… I am SOOOOO tired of playing with the prototype pieces!!! I’ve waited long enough to get the real game in hand – and so have you! I really am excited to get the game delivered to you.

Thrills and chills await!


ps-as noted, the next update will contain details on our shipping address collection survey.

Prior Kickstarter Backer Updates

Update #31 – March 13, 2017: Dice Ordered!

Significant steps forward, Roswellians!

I approved all the proofs and sent them back to the print house last week. They will now begin the process of plating these for production. I’m awaiting word from the manufacturer when we will enter production.

With everything moving forward, I was *finally* able to place our dice order with Koplow Games and literally get them rolling! Koplow Games is located in Boston, MA and known as the Nice Dice company. We’re very excited to include their quality dice in our game. The game includes two white dice and two black dice, to go with our cinematic vibe. Koplow will be bagging these in a 3×5 zip bag (which will also come in handy for storing the game tokens).

Once I have word from the printer and manufacturer that everything is copacetic, I’ll get moving on gathering shipping info from every backer.


Update #30 – Feb 26, 2017: Proofs!

Last week I approved all the online digital proofs and, just yesterday, I received the printed proofs for final review. Things are looking great – will be spending the next few days looking these over. In the meantime, here’s some pics!

Our game table has been invaded – it’s covered in proofs!


The updated box cover. We added a terrified running couple – a key ingredient for 1950s movie posters!


UFOS everywhere! This is the revised “bottom side” of the token sheet.


This is the first time we are seeing our printed rule book proofs. The delay time allowed us to keep tweaking

the layout and tightening the flow. Shout out to all those who helped us proof and perfect!!!


Some more exciting news and something that I hinted at in the last two updates…

We are including a mini Roswell 51 movie poster with the game!


My next update will have some specifics on production timeline – no stopping now ’til we got game!!!

Update #29 – Feb 14, 2017:  Mid Feb Update

Quick update… I am patiently waiting for the printer to upload the final online file for my review/approval; this single file stands between us and our printed proofs. Here’s our remaining steps to production:

1. Review/approve the online proofs (electronic proofs).
2. Review/approve the printed proofs (physical proofs).
3. Greenlight the game into production.

The first two steps rely on the printer’s timeline, the third step is the manufacturer’s timeline. At this point in the project, we are subject to their schedules.

I will keep you posted as we move along!


Update #28 – Feb 3, 2017:  Digital Proofs

Greetings Roswellians!

The printer uploaded the digital proof set-up mid-week (these are the online proofs that I must review and sign off on before we run physical proofs). I will be reviewing these through the weekend. The manufacturer is also looking at these and I will need their greenlight before proceeding (they review these to make sure all the die line cuts for the tokens/cards look good).

In the prior update, I hinted at a new backer bonus. I’m holding off on the big reveal until next week’s update (it hinges on the completion of the digital proof layout).

No stopping now until we’ve got game!


Update #27 – Jan 27, 2017:  Back To The Future Again!

Quick update, Roswellians!

All final design files were uploaded to the production shop earlier this week; I am awaiting the online digital proofs to be posted for my review. The physical proofs will be shipped to me after that. This probably all sounds pretty familiar, as we’ve been through this process before (in November).

I’m anxiously waiting to sign off and get us into production in Feb, and I will update you again very soon. I’m hoping to have one more surprise for you, too!

Have a great weekend!


Update #26 – Jan 8, 2017:  Plan 9B From Outer Space

Greeting Roswellians!

Quick update on our “new plan”… I spent the latter half of December chasing our color issue to ground, meeting with several print industry professionals who were able to guide me as to the best steps forward. The end result is that we must adjust some color tones on the card deck and box design. I then must lay out the entire deck once more to submit for a new batch of proofs.

The good news is that I have already done a local print color test and I am really happy with the color changes; things are looking sharp! The plan now is to wrap everything up as soon as we can, with the hopes of signing off on the new proofs by month’s end.

I will update you next week with our progress. As noted in earlier updates, I will send out the survey to gather addresses and shipping information once we have a production date confirmed.

Larry & GameWick Games

Update #25 – Dec 31, 2016, New Year’s Eve

Greeting Roswellians!

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy New Year! One of the greatest moments of 2016 for me was the successful funding of Roswell 51 – this was only possible with your help. Thank you for being a part of this amazing project!

Now, one of the Not-So-Great moments… the delays encountered with getting the game into production. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard. Some of you have sent notes of encouragement – which are truly appreciated. I will be sending a full update next week with our January plans. So, stay tuned!

This is our last transmission for 2016. Here’s to a new year filled with fun and excitement (and new games)!


Update #24 – Dec 18, 2016

Greeting Roswellians!

As detailed in the last update, we must make some revisions to our proofs and submit them for a second round of approvals. We are currently assessing how to address our color tone issues and hope to have this resolved and new proofs submitted by the end of this month. This will then give us a January production date. I will keep you posted on this progress. I have been using the extra time to fine-tune our rulebook and am pretty excited about how great it is looking. From the retro newspaper cover through to the bonus materials at the end, I’ve done my best to make the rules straightforward and fun.

Here are some page previews:



I really must thank those who have helped to proof each iteration and gave feedback to make our guide stronger. The Roswell 51 rulebook weighs in at 18 pages (three of these pages are bonus rules and advanced topics). There is also a full center-spread that provides an overview of the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board. I’ve kept the font size large and arranged each topic on a dedicated page whenever possible. Featured throughout is lots of great art by Steve Blickenstaff and Donald David; these illustrations are larger in size than what would fit on the card layouts, too! The rulebook will remain a living document until we go to print. In fact, just today, I sent out the latest version to those backers who responded to my prior offer to preview/proof the final rules. If you are interested, please contact me via email.

Larry & GameWick Games

Update #23 – Nov 30, 2016

Greetings Roswellians!

Just want to bring you up to speed on where we stand on our proof approvals…

The printer requested that I send them my local prints for comparison before sending me the second round of proofs. So, we have a little back/forth delay and I am in a holding pattern. As noted in the last update, there was a difference in color/clarity; while it was minor, it was noticeable to my eyes. My worry was that if there was any further deterioration in color when we go to press, those slight issues could be magnified. That is not something I want to take a chance on.

The good news is that I have been taking full advantage of the extra time to fine tune our Roswell 51 rulebook. This will remain a “living document” until I approve the proofs. I am sending it out to our proof team this weekend for the final review and feedback. Once this final proof is done, I plan on releasing the rulebook in pdf to those of you who would like to preview it. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please message me via Kickstarter or send me email.

I will have another update for you next week on the proofs!


Update #22 – Nov 21, 2016

Hello friends, A quick update on our Roswell 51 status. I received the first round of proofs from the print shop. I was not 100% satisfied with some of the card color tones and am working with their pre-press crew to resolve this. I was hoping to have only one round of proofs for approval, but we will need two. As you can guess… I am anxious to press the print button and get production rolling; the last hurdle for us is the approval of the proofs now. Important Note: I am waiting to collect and confirm final shipping addresses until we enter production. I am still hopeful this will be in December. Full update coming by November’s end. Stay tuned! Larry Update #21 – Nov 9, 2016 Greetings Roswellians, I am patiently waiting for the electronic digital proofs from the production house; hopefully, I will get these before the week is out. After the digital versions are approved, they will mail me printed final proofs for sign-off. I am hoping to sign-off on all files before the end of this month and this will allow us to enter production in December. I am holding off on sending the backer survey to you and collecting your mailing addresses until we have a set date for production. This will help to minimize any change of address issues, too. Stay tuned for more info next week! Larry Update #20 – Oct 26, 2016 Greetings Roswellians and Good News! The final forms for the card deck and box/tokens have been uploaded to the production house. This is a significant completion point. They will now review these forms and then send me a printed proof for final approval. This is what gets us into the production queue. I am reluctant to guess at dates until I have reviewed and signed off on the proofs. Some more good news, and as a thanks for your patience, two more bonus cards! As I was finalizing the card layout, I had space for two more cards. I brainstormed a bit and decided to add two jokers to our deck. Well, not quite jokers - shufflers. blog-ks-shuffler-cards These cards feature the Alien Warlord from Roswell 51 and the cover zombie from Pittsburgh 68. Both are by Steve Blickenstaff who illustrated the monsters in both games (he’s a master of creepy cool art). While our game card art is black/white, we do color versions of the main monsters for our box art. Unfortunately, we did not use the Alien Warlord color version on the Roswell box (which also stresses our retro black/white movie theme). I’m so glad we’re able to get this color version into the game. These cards will have special use for each game, too. One use is simply as a placeholder to identify whose turn it is whenever event cards cause their chaos. I have some other creepy uses planned as a wild card for the experienced Director who is ready to take the game to another level. No stopping now until we’ve got game! Update #19 – Oct 16, 2016 Greetings Roswellians, Just a quick update: the file/form layouts are complete and I will see my draft proofs this week (from my local print shop). If these prints look as great as they do on my computer screen, the same files will be uploaded to our production facility. I will post a full update for you then. Stay tuned! Larry Wickman & GameWick Games

Update #18 – Oct 5, 2016

Greetings Roswellians, October is upon us. When I launched this kickstarter campaign, my goal was to haveRoswell 51 and the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board in the mail to you right now. As you know from my earlier updates, our game is behind schedule and that I am steadily working toward getting it into production asap. I truly am sorry for the delay. File layout is taking longer than expected to complete; but each day we get closer to completion. The form set-up is a slow process as each and every card/token needs to be carefully aligned on the layout grid. As you saw in last week’s post, the draft token and box form was complete; the movie card deck had all my attention this week. I am so excited to show you this draft layout: blog-ks-18-r51-movie-deck-reveal The layout above shows every card in our seventy card deck on one sheet. The two bottom rows are the Pittsburgh 68 bonus cards (front and back). The upside down cards above will be on the “back side” of the sheet. I just wanted to show you the full movie deck. Some really good news… we have added a new rule summary card to the deck to cover the game’s “Special Effects”. We had the space to add two more cards, so one will be for use withRoswell 51, the other for Pittsburgh 68 (both cards are identical). After this layout is complete, I will do a local print proof; if these look good, the next step is uploading all files for production. Thank you again for your support and patience.