Shuffling Horror

Thrills and chills await in our retro horror movie card game!

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WEGS Old Skool

Dungeons! Dragons! Wizards! Whatever!
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 The Midnite Shuffler As You’ve Never Seen Him Before…


…in his very first You Tube video!

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The GameWick Mission

To Keep Gaming in its Natural State: Face to Face

Here at GameWick Games, we make games to be played face to face. Games that give you and your friends an excuse to roll dice, shuffle cards, move pawns, and have a geeky good time. Our games encourage laughter, strategy, wit, imagination, and the occasional double entendre. To some, this might sound torturous or, heck, even alien, but these are the types of games that light our wick.

GameWick was launched way back in 2005, with the devious plan to self-publish WEGS, our Wickedly Errant Game System (a ruleset for tabletop sword-n-sorcery adventure). After two years of sweet playtesting, non-stop con-hopping, and lots of enthusiastic feedback, WEGS 101 Old Skool premiered at Gen Con 2007. WEGS was our only product line until 2012 when we revealed our “new game”, Shuffling Horror: Pittsburgh 68 – a creepy zombie card-n-dice game. As this game picked up steam, we began plans on its companion piece, Roswell 51 (Summer 2017 release).

GameWick Games is a quirky little indie game company that is just doing their thing. We’re keeping gaming real, having a whole bunch of fun, and gaining new friends and fans as we go. Pretty cool, eh?

Wick’s Favorite Local Game Shops

Talk about keeping it real, it all starts at your Favorite Local Game Shop. Below is a list of some of our favorite shops. These stores weren’t scared off by our little indie games and brought their customers something unique! We thank them for their support.

The Compleat Strategist, NYC Time Warp Comics & Games, NJ
Game Masters, Pittsburgh, PA Satellite Games and Comics, NJ
Games Unlimited, Pittsburgh, PA Noble Knight Games, WI
Bit of England Game Shoppe, VA Atomic Empire, NC
Walt’s Cards, MD Bookery Fantasy, Fairborn, OH
Family Fun Hobbies, NJ 1 Up Collectibles, Reading, PA

See our full list of favorite shops here.