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WEGS Old Skool-Shield Use

We’re dropping some down-n-dirty basic shield rules into our WEGS Old Skool Fantasy games at Gary Con this year – and it’s about time! Of course, there…

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FLGS Alert: Ogre’s Grove, Milton DE

The full Shuffling Horror line is now avail in the Ogre’s Grove in Milton, Delaware – and just in time for Halloween! If you are in…

Shuffling Horrors!

Innsmouth 32 | Meet The Cast #2 | The Locals

“Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborho-od?” The Locals were pulled directly out of Lovecraft’s story (so, they may…

Shuffling Horrors at PAX Unplugged 2018

November 29th, 2018
Conventions, Pax / Unplugged, Press Release

Here are the Shuffling Horror events and demos that we will be running at Pax Unplugged (Nov 30 – Dec 2)! There’s one sched for Friday and one for Saturday.  All events are run at our demo table at the FRONT of the FREEPLAY HALL. Seats for the special events are first come/first served, but you can sign up for these sessions at the GameWick Game booth (2042). You can also do short demos at our booth at any time!




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GameWick at PAX Unplugged 2018 : Booth 2042

November 28th, 2018
Conventions, Pax / Unplugged, Press Release

GameWick Games is at Pax Unplugged this weekend (Nov 30 – Dec 2)! It’s a huge hall of tabletop games, but we’re easy to find because we’re in two different places! You can visit our official booth (#2042) in the EXPO HALL or our demo table at the FRONT of the FREEPLAY HALL.

The expo hall closes at 6pm, but we’ll be running games in the freeplay hall ’til midnite! Our after-hours event sched will be posted shortly (but we’re looking at 8pm and 10pm start times on Fri and Sat). We’ll also have the event sched posted in our booth and at our demo table. Stay tuned here, folks!

Click on map for bigger pic!


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PAX Unplugged-Philly 2017

November 22nd, 2017
Conventions, Pax / Unplugged

WOW! We had such a blast at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia last weekend.  We had our names on a wait list for a vendor spot, and two weeks ago, we got an email that a booth was available. Talk about luck! It was non-stop fun and demos at our booth – and then we ran a few games in the amazing Open Play area until midnite!

It was SO great seeing some of our friends and fans from PAX East (Boston); we hadn’t attended that con in a couple years, but they came and found us in Philly! One fan recounted how she’s been trying to find us ever since she playtested PITTSBURGH 68 on our prototype Shuffle Board. She kept looking for that “zombie game with the drive-in movie screen”. So much fun catching up with other folks who played with us at prior PAX events. Such a good time!

We forgot to post this map on our blog prior to the convention
but here’s where you would have found us…


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