Card Case-Double


SKU: GWG0922.

2 Spooky Card Cases

A Pair of Spooky Card Cases

Perfect for use with the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board (the deluxe game board included in Roswell 51). Each case can hold a single deck of cards. As the lids are detached from the base, the cases are easily multi-purposed for game play. We suggest the following use:

Lid #1 ==> Survivor Draw Pile platform (top left).
Lid #2 ==> Discard Pile platform (top right).

Base #1 ==> Reel Pile platform (top center).
Base #2 ==> Spoint token tray.

Used in this fashion, spoint tokens are neatly contained during play. As platforms, cards are effortlessly drawn from their respective piles. The Reel Pile platform sits higher than the Survivor / Discard piles, establishing its importance during play.

Card decks can be stored securely in each case after the game. Voila!



Each hard plastic card case is 2.5 x 3.5 inches with detachable top/bottom. Each can hold a standard deck of cards. Tip: Keep the case in its poly bag when storing (the top/bottom are not attached).


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