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Shuffling Horror-Pittsburgh 68


Cards! Dice! Terror!

Pittsburgh 68 is a card and dice game that plays like a classic, creepy zombie flick. One player is the Director and the rest star as Survivors on the run for their lives!

Players try to survive four reels of the movie (each reel is a set number of cards) – but this will not be easy. Every step of the way, the Director builds zombie throngs, attacks, and keeps them on the run. Reel by reel, the movie’s action is pushed forward to its gruesome end.

One feature that players love is that, when a player is eliminated, they are not out of the game! That player is now a zombie – out for a little undead vengeance on the living. As survivors fall, the odds of surviving become quite grim and the movie escalates to its final scene!

Shuffling Horror awaits!



Ages 14+
Playing Time: 68 minutes or so…
For 3 – 13 players (3-6 recommended for initial play)

PIC-Pittsburgh 68-Game Contents


(1) Rulebook

(1) Pittsburgh 68 Movie Deck

(60) Spoints (Survivor Points)

(4) Dice


Roswell 51 is the second game in the Shuffling Horror line. This new box set includes updated rules and the Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board (a deluxe gameboard). The Roswell 51 box set also includes bonus cards for Pittsburgh 68 play. The Roswell 51 rules replace the earlier rules of Pittsburgh 68; if you have already purchased Pittsburgh 68, we suggest you use these new rules instead.

The Roswell 51 Rulebook – Free Online PDF

R51 RuleBook Online PDF

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