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Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board

The Shuffling Horror Shuffle Board

(Included in the ROSWELL 51 game.)

This is the official game board for Shuffling Horror games. This is an add-on for PITTSBURGH 68 players who do not own ROSWELL 51.

Designed for use with Pittsburgh 68 and Shuffling Horror expansions, this sprawling game board (20″ x 30″) lets the Director take their game to a terrifying level. This package also includes bonus tokens and a rulebook which features new aspects of play and tips for players.

If you are purchasing the Shuffle Board, we highly recommend the Two Spooky Card Cases add-on. As explained on that linked product page, these greatly enhance game play. And just five bucks, too!


Shuffling the horror has never been easier!

Card slots are set for all key features of game play: the Reel Pile, the Discard Pile, the Sanctuaries, and the Survivor Draw Pile (a new concept for Pittsburgh 68 play and explained in the bonus rulebook). There is also a Reel Track on top and twelve perimeter reel cans for each player's spoints (survivor points).

What are you waiting for?!?

Start Shuffling!


Shuffling Horror Game Board (20″ x 30″)

Token Cut-outs: (4) Reel tokens, (1) Fade In token, (1) Fade Out token.

Shuffling Horror Rulebook (Roswell 51 printing); includes alternate rules, tips, and tricks for Pittsburgh 68 play.


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