WEGS Old Skool

Dungeons! Dragons! Wizards! Whatever! Hankering for some good old sword-n-sorcery action? Then Old Skool is just what you need. Old Skool can handle whatever you can dream up. From dark dungeon crawls to frenzied barbarian brawls, this system delivers heroic action like no other game. With its brutally simple dice mechanics, this game dares players to push the action to its breaking point!

It’s your fantasy – don’t let rulebooks stop you!

But… What’s WEGS?

WEGS is the Wickedly Errant Game System. Four dice alone fuel its battle frenzy (2d6 and 2d10), and these dice catapult the players’ actions to the highest of highs or plunge them to the lowest of lows. Like the casino game craps, WEGS is all about dramatic swings of luck and unfettered speed-of-play. This little system moves!

WEGS Old Skool Products

WEGS Old Skool Fantasy R P G **SOLD OUT**

Store_Book_WEGS Old Skool Cover III


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We are currently working on the new edition : WEGS BOSS RULES (2018 WINTER RELEASE).

Designed for full-throttle heroic encounters, this roleplaying game system was greatly inspired by the early days of fantasy gaming where characters were created in minutes and, moments later, face-to-face with terrible foes.

This bundle includes:

(1) WEGS Old Skool rulebook (100 page softcover 6×9 rulebook)

(1) Old Skool Skills Deck

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The Old Skool Skills Deck



The Old Skool Skills Deck includes the complete skill sets for each Ark (Warrior, Ranger, Trickster, Mage and Sage). It includes all the spells for Mages and Sages, too! Everything players need to know about their character’s skills and spells is right at their fingertips. No digging through rulebooks to figure out what a skill/spell effect is!

The deck is color-coded for each Arketype. Multi-class characters are quickly built by taking cards from other classes.

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Ultimate Dungeon Party (Character Deck)

Store_Deck_Ulitmate Dungeon Party


Are you ready for six brand-new(but awesomely old skool), sword-n-sorcery heroes for some wicked WEGS play?!? A holy rolling Templar! A battle-dancing Glaivemaiden! A poisonous Sneak! A devilish Warlock! A slap-happy Monk! A mighty, mighty Dungeoneer!

The Ultimate Dungeon Party is a complete hero deck for WEGS Old Skool play. This fifty-four card deck contains all the skills and spells for these six new heroes. In classic WEGS style, there’s no rulebook for these new characters; just deal the deck and jump into the fray!

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WEGS Dice Rule! (Advanced Rules)

Store_Book_Dice Rule! Cover


Push the Wickedly Errant Game System to its breaking point!

Dice Rule! is a companion piece for the WEGS Old Skool basic rulebook and contains expanded rules of play. It is also a glimpse behind the curtain of the Wickedly Errant Game System.

Dice Rule! details everything a Game Master needs to know to design new skills, whip up adventures, and run a dynamic game. It encourages them to take their game to the next level.

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Bag of Bits (Pawns and Stands)

Store_Bag of Bits(Pawns and Stands)


These can be used for WEGS Old Skool play and include playing tips for doing so. Great for any game, though!

The bag contains a set of pawns and stands in the following matching colors:

4 Red Stands/Pawns
4 Yellow Stands/Pawns
4 Purple Stands/Pawns
4 Orange Stands/Pawns
4 Green Stands/Pawns
4 White Stands/Pawns

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