WEGS Character Sheets

Below you will find a plethora of WEGS Old Skool Ark Kards (character sheets), along with The 3R Chart (used for character creation). We have provided several PDF variations on the character sheet, including one without color or fancy effects (so you won’t have to replenish your color ink cartridges after you print out a dozen for your players). All character sheets are 6 x 9 inch layouts, so will have plenty of margin space for notes during the game.

FEB 2019 – Basic Character Creation Guided PDF added!

If you have any questions on these, or would prefer in another format, please contact us! Let’s make your home games run as smoothly as possible.

Free Bonus Material

WEGS-Character Creation Intro

Intro guide for basic WEGS Old Skool character creation.

The 3R Chart

Race, Realm, and Rounders. A reference sheet for WEGS Old Skool's wickedly quick character creation.

Ark Kard-Double Layout

Two Page Spread. Allows you to print two Ark Kards per page (reduced size). Save paper!

The Ark Kard-Scales-Single

Single page layout. Prints to center of page and has plenty of white margin space for notes (like trove items and booty).

Ark Kard-No Color

Black/white single page.
Use goldenrod colored paper for an awesome vintage feel!

No Roll Ark Kard (Basic)

The basic Ark Kard (eliminates the INI and Rank lines). Includes Heroic Edge mechanic.

The Ark Kard-Grey

The original character sheet for WEGS Old Skool play - just with a grey border!